Fuckin’ finally my near-encyclopedic knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy has come to good use, with this, the release of the first trailer for their 15th(!!!) yes, 15th, season.

Grey’s is the longest running primetime drama ever and that’s probably because it is totally unashamed about what it is and has always been: a goddamn Olympic-sized swimming pool of “feels“, where surgeons of all ages fuck and get married and break up and drink vodka and show up for each other. And also to keep the stakes high, stuff is constantly blowing up or crashing (at one point, like seven seasons ago, Grey’s just became Lost for a few episodes and no one minded).

Characters are always dying, which always makes me cry, ever since O’Malley at the end of season five, or they just move to Europe like Cristina at the end of season ten, and do not get me started on Derek, because that shit was Patrick in Offspring-level devastating.

But while we get caught up in everyone’s emotional lives, and we lose season regulars who we liked looking at because they were handsome, the show also prides itself on confronting real issues around sexuality and gender and sexual harassment and race and immigration that the world is grappling with today. It’s all in there – even as somehow the patient being treated reflects the inner turmoil of the surgeons treating them, all set to a Snow Patrol score/fairly unknown indie band covering a big pop song.

Okay so this is explainer for that/all spoilers for the last season which finished up back in May, so that’s your problem.

The new season promises the return of Teddy – who is super pregs, presumably with Owen‘s baby (did you know Owen is Tommy from Trainspotting, well now you do) because they boned in Germany last season – as well as the addition of two new doctors, one of whom is Dr. Nico Kim, the show’s first gay male surgeon, played by Alex Landi; and the other who refers to himself as an ‘Ortho God’ and is also Luke from The O.C., Chris Carmack.

Shonda is also teasing a “jaw-dropping twist“, which may or may not have something to do with the footage of Meredith fucking DeLuca, which is a terrible idea, considering the love of his life, Sam, almost got deported, but then went to study under Cristina in Europe, and also he’s her half-sister Maggie‘s ex (yes, there’s another Grey sibling, the show it gets complicated, it’s a rich tapestry).

But it is good that our dark and twisty girl Mer is shagging again, considering her last flirtation was with a transplant patient, and her last fling was with Riggs, who was very handsome but still in love with his ex who he thought was dead in Iraq but then she wasn’t (Grey’s is still WILD, guys).

The rest of the cast is coming back except Arizona and April, but we knew that already – April is happily married to Matthew, not the incredibly woke and good-looking Jackson, and Arizona has gone to NY to be with her bb Sofia and the newly single Callie.

Grey’s is set for a a two-hour premiere in the US on September 27 – who knows when it will finally air on Channel 7 here, considering it took them until January this year to run Season 14, I’m not bitter.

It’s okay, I’ll just dance it out.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Drops Trailer For 15th(!!!) Season & Meredith Still Fucks

Image: Grey's Anatomy