It’s hard to imagine The Good Place without Jameela Jamil as snobby heiress Tahani Al-Jamil, but according to her, she very nearly didn’t make it to her audition, when another actress tried to straight-up steal the role out from under here.

During a recent appearance on US daytime show The Talk, Jamil revealed that she was running late to her audition and couldn’t find the exact address – adding to the confusion, she was only new to America, and everything looked weird.

She continued:

“I see a beautiful Indian woman walking down the street and I think, well, maybe she is going for same audition. It was a specific Indian casting, so I walk up to her and I say, ‘Excuse me, are you here for the audition for this new Mike Schur project?’ and she was like, ‘No, sorry.’ I said, ‘Can you show the address of where I’m supposed to go?’ and she says, ‘Yes, it’s way down this road’…”

After about ten minutes of walking through a “sketchy” area, she realised she was nowhere near her destination, so she turned around and fond the correct address, and FUNNILY ENOUGH, the other actress was there. Here’s what happened next:

The Good Place recently returned to Netflix for its third season, and we’re loving every minute so far, with the exception of those questionable Aussie accents.

Image: Getty Images / Roy Rochlin