I am going to say this now – Gogglebox is the worst fucking show on television and it makes me dumber every time I accidentally watch it when they sneakily slide it in after other shit I’m watching.

That being said, it’s absolutely addictive and I know plenty of people who watch it regularly, in a secret-shame kind of way. There’s just something about seeing other people banter about TV shows, I guess? Sometimes they’re funny, sort of? I don’t know, I can’t sit here and pretend I like this show. I FUCKING HATE IT YOU GUYS. I’m just being the messenger here to tell you that Gogglebox is looking for new households to star – Queensland-based households, specifically.

I cannot with this shit

“We’re very excited to find Queensland personalities to put in the mix. When Gogglebox first started we were restricted in what we could accommodate with the fast turnaround of the show,” Executive Producer with Endemol Shine Australia, David McDonald told KIIS FM.

The producers will be doing ‘street casting’, which I assume means walking up to annoying people on the street to see if they want to be stars – but they’ll also go via applications using this form, if you want to contact them directly.

This lady looks like maybe she’d be funny but also I don’t care if she is, I won’t watch it.

I cannot tell you how much I hate this show. But I also like you, sweet reader, so if you’re keen to be funny on TV – this is your chance. Well, it’s A chance.