Trans youth advocate Georgie Stone is heading to Ramsay Street, Neighbours announced this morning. She will be the soap’s first-ever trans character.

In 2018, Stone was named Victoria’s Young Australian of the Year after her work as a transgender youth advocate.  She is the youngest person in Australia to receive hormone blockers and successfully campaigned to change the law so trans children, with parental and medical consent, no longer have to go through the Family Court to access the first stage of hormone treatment. Stone has also appeared on Four Corners and Australian Story to tell her story, educate others, and promote acceptance and equality.

“When I was growing up as a trans young person I did not see anyone out there who I could relate to,” Stone told the Herald Sun. 

There was no one on Australian TV screens, on any TV screens really, that had a positive depiction of a trans person, specifically a trans young person. There was no one who I could connect to and I felt quite isolated because of that, so that is why I am so excited about this opportunity.

She hopes her guest role will connect with other trans youth across the country and overseas.

“I really hope that there will be some trans young people out there who have felt isolated before and then see this character and feel that they are not alone, or that they feel OK to be who they are, and that this story can teach other people how to treat trans young people.”

On Twitter, Neighbours announced the news sharing “Actress and advocate for gender diverse youth Georgie Stone, is heading to Ramsay Street to play Neighbours’ first transgender character. 

“The 18-year-old originally approached the show’s producers and impressed them in her audition.”

Source: The Herald Sun
Image: Twitter / Neighbours