HBO just aired a new promo for the highly-anticipated final season of Game of Thrones. T’was only 30 seconds and a proper HD version has yet to hit the socials but unofficial ones are already popping up on Twitter. 

This recording of the teaser is fresh off the telly so sound and quality aren’t the greatest.

Stay tuned for the HD teasers.


As you would expect from a promo, there’s footage we’ve already seen mixed in with some teeny tiny new bits. We get another look at Beric Dondarrion, back again, with his sword alight approaching The Hound. In Winterfell‘s great hall, Tyrion tells the people that “We must fight together or die.” Behind him, Sansa and Dany sit at the head table. Next, it looks like Jon walks away from Dany who has her back turned away from him… moody.

We also see Varys, Davos, and Tyrion looking up at the sky – Varys’ mouth is wide open…

Elsewhere, Cersei dramatically spins around to probably unleash on someone and Arya kicks some ass in battle.

This is a slightly longer version.

And this appears to be another more intense promo.


The final season of Game of Thrones will premiere Sunday, April 14 on HBO – that’s Monday, April 15 for Australians.

For. The. Throne.

14 days.

Source: Vanity Fair
Image: Game of Thrones