SPOILERS: If you haven't watched season eight, episode one then get outta here.

Twitter can be a dark and awful place sometimes but on GAME OF THRONES DAY, it’s packed with very normal memes about banging your aunt and pictures of Bran staring at you from all different angles. That’s Game of Thrones baby, and we’re so goddamn glad it’s back.

For our full recap of season eight, episode one, check out the below.


Drogon, the Cheeky Bastard

*David Attenborough voice* And here we have the big boy watching/judging his mother dearest as she shares a kiss with her nephew.

RE: Bran’s intense staring.

Jon Knows Something

Jon, the poor bastard, finally finds out who he really is.

Bran, Bran’s Stare

Bran had by far the biggest meme content after he spent a good deal of the episode… staring at people.

A Collection Of Others

Behold, Jon and Dany flying on dragons to the tune of Aladdin‘s ‘A Whole New World’. 

Behold Part Two, Jon and Dany flying on dragons to the tune of How To Train Your Dragon‘s theme song.


Look at the detail on this thing, it’s even got created by ‘People of Winterfell’ on it.

HOWLING: “The poor kid has been stuck there for days. He’s obviously too awkward to ask for help so he’s just staring at people. It’s starting to weird us out.”

One more because the Bran memes have destroyed  me.


Game of Thrones season eight airs Mondays on Foxtel. 

Image: HBO