You can always count on Twitter to point out some truly bizarre shit, and today it’s calling out extremely specific frames from The Simpsons for looking like a goddamn nightmare.

Whenever you see characters from the show, they’re usually presented at a slight angle, but when they do need to be drawn front-on, something about it just looks insanely off, like the Uncanny Valley of cartoons.

I’ll stop trying to explain what I mean and just show you the tweets. Look at them. LOOK.

Christ, what is going on? That last one makes Bart’s head look like the end of a broom. Let’s continue, shall we?

Hahaha, Marge.



They’re absolutely right, that is some terrifying shit. But hey, at least they can pull off the look sometimes. Rarely, but it happens.

Ahh, classic. If you put any episode from season 2 through to 12 of The Simpsons in front of my face, I will always look like Ralph when I watch. It never gets old.

Image: The Simpsons