PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with 'The Darkest Mindsmovie to celebrate it being available to buy or rent. Get your mitts on it at iTunes or Google Play and watch it now.

Unfortunately, all of us saddos on Earth are doomed to be superpowerless until technology lifts its game, but until then we’re screwed.

The silver lining though is that you could come into an easy $500 just by telling us what superpower you’d like to have below:


If you need some inspo, feast your eyes on The Darkest Minds trailer, crammed with teens who I’m not jealous of at all wielding some pretty hectic powers of their own.

To sweeten the deal and to reward other people who typed a full 25 words but missed out on the cash, there are 10 prize packs up for grabs to ease the pain. Along with The Darkest Mind DVD, you’ll also cop a bunch of other commodities like snacks, The Darkest Minds book, badges and a notebook to jot down your angry thoughts about being a powerless peasant.

If you miss out on one of those packs too, don’t fret – you can still rent The Darkest Minds on iTunes or Google Play to get your fix.

As a bonus, you can also suss out what superhero power you have by taking a quiz (here) for another chance to score The Darkest Minds prize pack.

Good luck, amigos.

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