After a fourth season full of some serious drama, Younger‘s fifth season promises just as many shocking twists, judging by a sneak peek video.

If there’s one overarching idea about the season,” says series creator Darren Star, “it’s that things get real.

When we left the show, Josh (Nico Tortorella) had admitted that he still loved Liza (Sutton Foster), despite lying to him and saying she was in her late 20s and not early 40s – the ruse she has kept up since season 1 in order to get and keep her publishing job.

But Josh was about to marry Claire (Phoebe Dynevor) so she would have a US green card! Drama.


Unfortunately, while this first look doesn’t give too much away on that front, though Star says that “this season [isn’t] so much about whether [Liza] can sustain her lie – it’s about whether she can sustain her relationships.” Looks like the cat might finally fully come outta that bag.

We also learn that the show will indirectly address the #MeToo movement with a plot line related to sexual harassment in the workplace.

All we really know is that it involves one of the publishing house’s writers, Edward L.L. Moore. Not much more is revealed, though judging by the footage of the cast read-through, it’s pretty surprising.

“The surprise comes so left of field,” says Star, “yet we get to tell a story that reflects where we are right now.”

Star also elaborates that the writers were challenged with the character of Liza, and felt like they had to recalculate the way they had written the show previously.

We, as writers two years ago, were kind of laughing about the antics of a character like [Liza], well more today you’d go, ‘it’s actually not that funny’. We were examining ourselves while writing, which is interesting.

It sounds like the show could be in for a bit of a shake-up. Check out the below video and scour it for clues before S5 premiers on June 6 (the same day as the US) on Stan.

Image: Younger