Season two of The Dragon Prince is hitting Netflix this February 15, the series announced on Twitter earlier today.

The animated series comes from Aaron Ehasz, head writer and director of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the game director of the second and third Uncharted games, Justin Richmond. 

Season one only premiered back in September so to see season two roll around so soon is fab news.

The Dragon Prince tells the tale of two runaway human princes that form an unlikely friendship with an elven assassin who’s supposed to kill them, all while on a quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

Jack De Sena is the voice of Callum and Sasha Rojen voices little Ezran – the two princes. Paula Burrows stars as elven assassin with a conscience Rayla. 

If your minds a big foggy about the end of book one, wee lil’ baby dragon Azymondias (the actual dragon prince) hatches from its egg. Meanwhile, cool Claudia pulls off her tracking spell and, together with her brother Soren, locate the two princes which isn’t great because Soren has been ordered to kill the princes. ALTHOUGH, the siblings are pretty goofy and have grown up with the two princes so I smell a face-turn. 

Oh, and Viren – the evil self-appointed Lord Protector of Katolis – finishes off season one by draining the magic out of an elven assassin.

It’s no Avatar but it’s still pretty binge-worthy.


You can find season one of The Dragon Prince on Netflix.

Sure the animation takes a bit of getting used to but you honestly don’t notice it after a while.

Image: Netflix / The Dragon Prince