Donald Glover is personally nominated for five Emmy Awards at today’s ceremony, and his game-changing show Atlanta is up for even more. But Glover wasn’t in attendance during the broadcast – well, not at first.

Teddy Perkins was.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Perkins, the distinctive, reclusive, and Michael Jackson-esque Atlanta character was seated in the front row for the first part of the broadcast. Glover, however, was nowhere to be seen.

When Bill Hader won the gong for Best Actor In A Comedy, pipping Glover for the same award, the pallid figure actually rose and gave the dude a hug.

Shortly afterwards, Glover did materialise. In the same seat where Perkins once sat.

While Glover missed out on the Best Actor in a Comedy nod, he was also nominated for Best Writing and Best Directing in a Comedy Series. Atlanta itself is up for Best Comedy Series. 

A big part of that praise stems from the show’s startling creativity, which includes the invention of Perkins himself. Here’s a clip to get you reacquainted:

You can peep the full list of nominees HERE. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Image: NBC