After Lily Tomlin accidentally let slip on the weekend at a Netflix-hosted Grammyevent when chatting about Grace And Frankie, it’s been confirmed that the binge-watching giant is producing an eight-part series based on the queen of country herself, Dolly Parton.

Each episode will revolve around one of her big hits (please be Joelene, please I need this), and the show will feature the multi-instrumentalist herself in a few choice episodes. I KNOW.

Dolly’s taken to her Twitter to share her excitement about the upcoming series, confirming that she’ll be executively producing the series through her Dixie Pixie Productions team.

There are no full details as to what songs will be explored over the series, but Dolly’s official website states that the series will be ready for us by 2019.

Will we get that Dolly Parton with the tight curls working the typewriter for ‘9 to 5’? Or a whole episode detailing her and Kenny Rogers developing ‘Islands In The Stream? How about the iconic ‘I Will Always Love You’, that Whitney Houston covered so brilliantly in the 90s? Maybe even a whole exploration of Dolly Parton learning the guitar with her impossibly long nails, or the banjo, or picking the autoharp, or playing the piano and drums, (or blatantly faking playing the saxophone, fiddle, harmonica…).

Brb covering myself in rhinestones and listening to the entirety Heartbreak Express on repeat.

Image: Getty Images / Tibrina Hobson