The real-life Debra Newell has spoken out about Connie Britton‘s portrayal of her in the upcoming true crime series Dirty John, saying that the Friday Night Lights actress gives a “spot on” performance in the series.

The TV show, based on the LA Times podcast, tells the story of the romance between Newell and John Meehan, a charismatic conman who “seduced, swindled and terrorised” multiple women he met on dating sites, while posing as a doctor.

Speaking to US Weekly, Newell said that she and Connie Britton had lunch together many times in the lead-up to the series, getting to know one-another, and that the actress really nailed her gestures, voice and mannerisms.

She told the publication that while other family members had some reservations about the show she had faith in Britton and her enthusiasm to take on the role:

“She would ask me questions like, ‘What was the meaning of love in your eyes?’ or ‘What happened in your marriages?’ She just sort of wanted to know who I was. She would call me with some random questions. One of them was, ‘What was love?’ She wanted to talk about what exactly happened.”

As for Aussie actor Eric Bana, who plays conman Meehan, Debra Newell said that she didn’t know whether to slap or kiss him when they met, but that he played the part “very well.”

Dirty John premieres on Bravo in the US, this Sunday night, and will be streaming internationally on Netflix.

Source: US Weekly
Image: Getty Images / Rich Fury