I couldn’t tell you a thing about Dean Norris‘ personal life. In fact, I could barely tell you anything about Dean Norris. All I know is: he was in Breaking Bad, he was in The X-Files, he was in Starship Troopers, and he’s interested in “Sex gifs“.

At approximately 2:45 in the afternoon (Brisbane time) on Wednesday, May 23, Norris tweeted the following:

Can You Help Actor Dean Norris Find “Sex Gifs”Pictured: “Sex gifs”

There are two possible explanations here. The first: this tweet was 100% intentional and some sort of inscrutable inside joke. The second: Deany horny.

People accidentally tweeting terms they were searching for is definitely not a new phenomenon and Twitter is thriving with weird accounts that only post horny GIF content (I’ll let you peruse the results of “sex gifs” at your own leisure).

If Norris was tweeting from his purported home in Temecula, where the time would have been 9:45pm, it’s certainly not impossible that, in a tired and horny fugue state, he unknowingly bared his extremely entry-level method of seeing porn on the internet to his half a million followers.

The truth is out there.