PEDESTRIAN.TV has been given exclusive access to V Energy's deplorable, sloppily conceived and ham-fisted merchandising combo to get you pumped about seeing Deadpool 2, and to improve you a bit.

Deadpool is once again saving humanity, this time through the unconventional yet not-at-all surprising method of self-love literature.

The wise-ass collaborated with V Energy to produce the spiritually enlightened novel, Find the Potential Within, which has garnered unprecedented critical acclaim with high-profile endorsements from the likes of Oscar Wilde and J.D Salinger, with the former being quoted saying:

“The author of this book truly understands taking it in the can. Bravo.”

Make Your Life Better With This Book From Noted Self-Help Guru Deadpool

Their book promises to hold all of the motivation you might need with its surprise twist.

There’s only 500 of Deadpool and V Energy’s limited edition guides to self-care in circulation, so to get your mitts on this hot commodity, they’ll be handed out (for free, might I add) at KinokuniyaThe Galeries in Sydney on May 5th. This is not a drill!

We are currently on the hunt for our own copy of the self-help book, but while we are tracking it down here’s some background info on the severely disfigured, super-hero adjacent vigilante.

About the Author

Deadpool is not the kind of person who should be writing a motivational book. Especially one as complex and fake as this. His grasp of the human experience stops and starts with Dame Edna. He thinks Australia is the home of the Von Trapps and he believes “Down Under” is a move you only make on the first date. Just thought you should know.

Oh, and did we mention it’s drinkable too? Tasty.

Make Your Life Better With This Book From Noted Self-Help Guru Deadpool

Despite Deadpool and V working tirelessly on this book, revisiting long-lost archives found in the Himalayan mountains and assembling each book by hand (blatant lie), it turns out that all the motivation you need is a can of V. It’ll still make you that bit better, and you won’t have to lug around a heavy novel for the rest of the day.

Also, for those of you living under a rock, Deadpool 2 comes out on May 16. You’re welcome.

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