Game Of Thrones is officially OVER, O-V-A-H. That’s it! Finito. No more. Well, unless you count the four million spin-offs that are slated and all that. But the OG show? It’s done. Naturally, the final episode drew plenty of controversy, with some fans loving the finish and others hating it with the fire of a thousand… dragons. But regardless of our opinions, I think we can all agree on one thing – Ser Davos Seaworth? He’s clearly Top Dog of Westeros in our hearts.

Let’s start with his loyalty. Aside from Jon Snow, Davos is the most loyal Westerosian I can think of. Besides Ghost. And let’s be real even Ghost abandoned Jon (sort of) after the Battle Of The Dead. Let’s start from the beginning – what we didn’t see. Before we met Stannis Baratheon and his loyal Hand Davos, Davos was making a name for himself by using his smuggler skills to keep the Baratheon army alive during the rebellion against Stannis’ brother Robert. That’s why people nicknamed him the Onion Knight – he smuggled onions among other food to sustain the armies during dark times.

Fuck Everyone Else, Ser Davos Seaworth Was The ‘Game Of Thrones’ MVP
Also – had very good points regarding English language

Davos then stood by Stannis Baratheon through all that shit with Melisandre, offering sage advice and voicing his disapproval of many decisions without ever turning his back on his King or being a sneaky bastard. Even when he saw Melisandre birth a demon ghost baby that killed Renly. Even when his own son perished by wildfire in the Battle at Blackwater Bay. Even when Melisandre started burning people at the stake and bleeding out the King’s bastard son, Gendry. EVEN WHEN HE’S JAILED FOR THINKING MELISANDRE WAS A PSYCHO WITCH. Right down to the moment Stannis orders him to head to Castle Black to ask for supplies, right before the final Baratheon battle (the one where little Shireen was sacrificed beforehand, THAT one).

IDK if Davos would have stood by Stannis if the guy was alive after he found out his precious Shireen had been burned alive, but he stood by his King until the very end, even through questionable decisions.

Fuck Everyone Else, Ser Davos Seaworth Was The ‘Game Of Thrones’ MVP
little TOO loyal but still

Then, he aligned himself with Jon Snow, King Of The North. He proves a fantastic unofficial Hand to Jon, helping with battle plans and accompanying him to meet with Daenerys Targaryen in a bid to get access to Dragonglass, even though the visit was fraught with danger. He remains faithful to Daenerys as Queen via his loyalty to Jon, right to the end.

He’s not just loyal, though. He’s GOOD. In a world full of loyal people who often DGAF about what’s good (Jaime, sorry) or don’t question the often immoral behaviour of their leaders (Grey Worm), Davos runs on his own morality – he will often question his ruler or flat-out refuse to do something he believes is immoral. He also goes out of his way to help others – remember when he crept into Flea Bottom to go get Gendry? Theories around this are that Gendry worked best with Valyrian steel – yes – but also that Davos wanted to protect the bastard son of Robert Baratheon from potential harm should Cersei find out, and he finally had the means to do so.

During the Battle of Kings Landing, Davos was seen evacuating civilians as Daenerys wrecked fiery havoc on their streets, risking his own life to help others.

He’s also brave – constantly running into battle or drawing his sword when need be (like when that bunch of fucked Night’s Watchmen tried to murder all the good guys in Castle Black) even though he himself acknowledged he’s a shit fighter. Compare that to other shit fighters like Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton, who chose to sit out of fights for fear of dying.

Fuck Everyone Else, Ser Davos Seaworth Was The ‘Game Of Thrones’ MVP
christ I’m gonna miss this binch

Despite his shitty fighting technique, Davos lasted the entire eight seasons of this death-riddled show and I for one am damn glad he did. Over time he proved to be one of the truly honorable characters, never conceding his morals to ego, money or lust. Overall he was a bloody good egg, and I’m so happy he was given a seat at the small council as Master Of Ships, the chief naval officer to the King.

Even if that King is stupid Bran the weird cult leader.