We’re not going to pretend child actors live easy, uncomplicated lives. We’re not going to vouch for a lifestyle which seems to necessitate immensely driven parents and the obliteration of a ‘normal’ childhood. Christ, just thinking about having that much responsibility as a pre-teen gives us anxiety.

But when young pros somehow manage to pull it off, when they help to create real nice work, and when they are recognised for their talent.. well, that’s usually pretty chill. And it was real nice watching lil’ Brooklynn Prince win the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Young Actress.

Prince, 7, was honoured for her starring role in The Florida Project, Sean Baker‘s lauded new film. Taking to the stage, the young gun promptly shed some tears before corralling herself back on script.

“This is such a big honour, all the nominees are great,” Prince said. “You guys are awesome, we should go and get ice cream after this.”

The pro even went ahead and thanked her “team,” which earned a knowing laugh from the adults in the crowd.

The professionalism didn’t even end with her, either. Jacob Tremblay, nominated for the gut-punching Wonder, even snuck over to Prince’s table afterwards to congratulate her.

Tremblay, who took home the award for Best Young Actor in 2015 for his turn in Room, even chucked up a message of appreciation to his social channels afterwards. Like we said: pro.

Catch the trailer for The Florida Project below:

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Image: Kevin Winter / Getty