It looks like House of Cards without Kevin Spacey‘s manipulative Frank Underwood is going to rule, thanks to Robin Wright‘s sheer menace as Claire Underwood.

From the full-length trailer, the sixth and final season of the political drama is going to be absolutely ruthless – and that’s saying something on a show where the Underwoods seem to always be taking care of some manner of political opponent/threat to their ambition (still grappling with Zoe Barnes‘ murder in the opening ep of season two tbh).

The trailer immediately sets up the conniving and fierce as fuck first female president Claire as the possible “worst thing that has ever happened to this country“, albeit a ‘grieving’ widow. She will not be stripped of her power. Oooft: “Each one of us has to defend our destiny. The first female president of the United States is not gonna keep her mouth shut.

The two minutes of stirring one-liners and elevated tension – there’s guns, there’s plotting, there’s gas masks, there’s grave digging, there’s fire and beautiful red stilettos – also gives us a glimpse of Greg Kinnear in his new role in House of Cards (prediction: they are going to fuck). Another addition for this season Diane Lane as Kinnear’s sister was given a lot of time in the trailer as well, including a moment in the mirror where she reveals to Claire she once fucked Frank.

Underwood in the trailer is “done suffering“, and in a conversation with Frank’s former Chief of Staff, Doug Stamper, pulls out this absolutely perfect line: “I’m not going to be told what to do anymore, Doug, not by you or any man.

So torn between knowing she is pure evil and fkn girl power, get ’em girl, smash the patriarchy.

House of Cards season six is out for your binging pleasure on Netflix November 2.

Image: Netflix