Guys. I legit cannot overstate this: The following article contains SPOILERS which could ruin both Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, unless you’ve seen the former.


Ok, here goes. You’ve been warned.

So if you stuck around to watch the first post-credits scene of the critically acclaimed female-led Marvel flick, you’ll have seen a sneaky teaser for the soon-to-be released Avengers conclusion.

In the scene, we see the remaining Avengers, who weren’t wiped out by Thanos, banding together and conspiring to save the world from the psychopathic beast.

It ends with Captain Marvel appearing, ready to help her soon-to-be comrades with the rescue mission.

Well, according to a new report published by The Hollywood Reporter, there’s every chance that the person we saw in the scene wasn’t actually Carol Danvers, but rather an imposter.


The report reminds us that the post-credits scene occurs 24 years after the events of Captain Marvel, in which time a whole lot of shit would have gone down that we don’t know about.

Captain Marvel ends with Carol leaving the human world behind to help the refugee Skrulls find new homes and rebuild, right?

Well throughout the course of those 24 years as she travels the galaxy in search of lost Skrulls, there’s every possibility that she could come across hostile aliens who aren’t quite as forgiving as the ones she flies away with at the end of the film.

They’re not just pulling shit out of thin air here. In the popular 2008 comic book arc Secret Invasionit is revealed that certain Skrulls had been secretly replacing heroes throughout history using their shapeshifting powers. Therefore there’s every possibility that the Carol Danvers we see in Endgame is a Skrull in disguise.

The comics include a prophecy that a Skrull princess named Princess Veranke will lead the aliens to their new home planet, and she ultimately decides that said new home planet will be Earth.

So the comicbook universe supports the notion of extremist Skrulls and could be an interesting storyline for Marvel to explore in its ultra ~secretive~ new phase.

The report adds the following compelling conclusion, ‘What better way to invade the planet than to infiltrate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when they’re at their weakest after Thanos’ Decimation?’

our minds being zapped and turned upside down by this news

It’s certainly A THEORY™.

Fortunately for us and our curious minds, we won’t have to wait too much longer to see how it all unfolds as Avengers: Endgame will be released on April 24.