Having been the face of The Evil Dead franchise since its inception in 1981, one could argue that Bruce Campbell is something of a pioneer in the horror genre.

In fact he’s gone one further than that as he’s been heavily involved in the evolution of horror including its introduction to television as he’s starred in all three seasons of the TV series developed around the films, Ash vs The Evil Dead.

With the third and final season of the series out now, P.TV chatted to old m8 Bruce about his time working on the franchise.

ImageWhen you were filming the very first Evil Dead did you ever imagine that you’d still be involved in the franchise all these years later?

No, of course not. At the time we didn’t think we would even complete the first film, which dragged on for three years. The Evil Dead series never started as a franchise but it slowly morphed into one over four decades.

What do you think it is about the franchise that’s made it stand the test of time?

The movies are pretty handmade and Ash is just a regular guy, so maybe folks root for the underdog.

What was it like transitioning from the cinema to the small screen?

Not much difference, really. Movie screens are shrinking and home theatre screens are expanding.

What are some key differences between the films and the series?

The progression of the overall story and the progression of Ash as a character. It was great fun to apply our current experience to an old character and plot.

What’s been your favourite memory from filming Ash Vs Evil Dead?

Getting the original 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 shipped to New Zealand for filming. We took that car seriously.

How much input did you have into the storylines and your character?

A lot. More every season as I became reacquainted with the character. Being an Executive Producer didn’t hurt either.

How has Ash changed since the start of the franchise?

He has matured, to a degree, and has become willing to face his destiny to defeat the Deadites.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Evil Dead family?

Working with my partners Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert for 39 years. It’s a privilege to not only know someone for that long, but also to work with them and still get along.

And what’s the most challenging part about filming the series?

Everything. There isn’t a normal scene in the Evil Dead world. Every character in the show not only dies at least once, they come back as a demon and get killed again.

If you could have anyone guest star in the series, who would it have been and why?

Hey, we got Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi and Lee Majors – that’s plenty!

What’s been your favourite story arc so far?

Giving Ash a daughter. It really helped him grow up and take responsibility.

How has the horror genre changed since you first joined?

Horror has come out of the shadows. Shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story have put horror into the mainstream.

Ash V Evil Dead S3 & Complete Season is new to Blu-ray & DVD Wednesday 24 October…in time for Halloween.