The day has come, my friends. That’s right, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 (the season that almost didn’t happen at all), premieres tonight in Australia.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

Our good m8s over at SBS have got it covered, with each episode of Season 6 being fast-tracked to Aussie screens each week, hot off the bloody press. It’s all happening on SBS VICELAND and SBS ON DEMAND at 8.30pm tonight, so tune the HELL in.

We spoke to Terry Crews late last year who gave us some delicious goss about what’s to come in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6, confirming the #MeToo episode and discussing Gina Linetti’s (Chelsea Perretti) impending departure.


All those rumours are true. There is a #MeToo episode, Chelsea Perretti did decide to — I wouldn’t say she’s leaving, she’s just kind of taking a little break, she’ll be coming back and forth and guest starring. She’s always a part of the Nine-Nine family. She’ll hop in and hop out, I’ll never say she’s gone.

While star Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago, told Variety some deets about power couple Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy’s situation in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6:

The thing I’ve loved the most about how they’ve written Jake and Amy is that they’re consistent. This season we’ll see them exploring and just coming to terms with adulting more, but they’re still Jake and Amy.

And Stephanie Beatriz also dished a bit about her alter ego, Rosa Diaz:

She’s not used to letting anybody in, yet now, over the course of five seasons she’s grown to a place where now it’s valuable to let people in. … You will see Rosa’s personal life literally and figuratively come into the office a little bit more.

Stephanie also directed the #MeToo episode, so to say we can’t wait to see that is an understatement.

Cancel all your Friday night plans for the next few months, because things are about to get TOIT.


Image: NBC