Hard Quiz host and new Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson has continued to take the piss out of his awards-show rivals, telling Sunrise “you probably rate half as much as my show does.”

Gleeson, who rankled diehard television viewers with his irreverent Logies campaign and last night’s divisive acceptance speech, spoke to hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage this morning – despite previously hanging shit on their colleague and Gold Logie hopeful Sam Mac.

“God bless you, doing breakfast TV, it’s really fantastic,” Gleeson said, before praising the ratings “my show does, like in the evenings, when proper TV is on.”

The comedian then took the opportunity to point out another key idiosyncrasy of his win: the ABC doesn’t really need to rack up Logie awards in entertainment categories, while commercial networks might see the gong as a boon for advertisers.

“We’re government-funded. This was a complete waste of everybody’s time,” Gleeson said.

I mean, my show was going to be renewed anyway. My show’s renewed. It makes no difference whatsoever to either the number of people watching or my financial – I don’t even get any money out of this. I don’t know why I did it. I just want to say sorry to Australia. I’ve wasted everybody’s time.

Any signs of contrition were erased when Gleeson returned to dissing Mac, who “probably wasted a lot more money than me” in his failed quest to win the award.

You can watch Koch and Armytage laugh about it in Mac’s absence below:

Image: Sunrise / Channel 7