Netflix has revealed its latest foray into interactive content, potentially creating the world’s first Choose Your Own Documentary in the process.

Call Of The Wild, starring former SAS lieutenant and Man Vs. Wild host Bear Grylls, will task viewers with steering the outdoorsman through a cavalcade of risky survival situations.

A cheeky trailer for the project reveals Netflix has emulated the mechanism used to power Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, allowing couch-sitters of the planet to guide Grylls to safety – or, more likely, to his untimely death on some godforsaken tundra.

Go on, have a play:

The project marks the first use of the system since Bandersnatch, and its first application outside of a scripted dramatic setting.

It seems quite a bit is riding on the technology: Netflix, which aggregates viewing data on a vast scale to commission shows, could theoretically note user decisions on shows like Call Of The Wild to commission new projects or tailor the shows suggested to viewers.

That means if there’s an option to make Grylls scull his own urine, Netflix could keep tabs on each and every one of you who makes take a sip of Satan’s lemonade and enact a just punishment. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Call Of The Wild hits Netflix on April 10.

Image: NBC / Getty Images