While there is no indication that our own Aussie version of The Bachelor is in danger (PERISH THE BLOODY THOUGHT), Bachie die-hards in the US are mildly hysterical after the show’s creator sent out a cryptic Tweet, suggesting that its cancellation may be imminent.

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the US ABC network is undergoing a series of fairly significant cuts, getting rid of almost 300 jobs in an effort to cut costs across its broadcast ad production, news and local television areas.

When journalist Joe Flint shared his article about this on social media, one of the first people to retweet it was Mike Fleiss, the creator of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and the producer of the ongoing hot mess that is Bachelor In Paradise.

Fleiss followed this up with a pointed Tweet of his own, saying: “Tv trivia… Has a broadcast network ever canceled its No. 1 show???”

Unsurprisingly, Bachelor fans had precisely zero chill about this, and began freaking out at the prospect that their favourite show might not be long for this world. Many took to Twitter to beg Fleiss for some kind of clarification or follow-up, or find out if he was kidding.

Instead, he kept dropping cryptic updates, promising some “truly shocking” news to come while giving nothing away. I mean, leave it to the person who created one of the most successful reality franchises in history to leave us in suspense, but still, this is … unsettling.

He made reference to the fact that a planned reveal of the next Bachelor had been pulled from Good Morning America, saying he had nothing to do with this decision, and made a jibe suggesting that if ABC was to cut him loose, it would be like the New England Patriots dropping quarterback Tom Brady. 

Whatever’s happening, Fleiss seems PISSED, but in his most recent Tweet, he told fans not to worry, so clearly something is in the works. Like a nervous bachelorette sweating into her cocktail dress as she waits for that last rose, we’ll wait and see what the future holds.

The current season of Bachelor In Paradise (where fame-hungry ex contestants to to get day drunk and hook up with one another) has drawn a significant amount of controversy, stemming from an incident in June, after which production was temporarily shut down.

There were allegations of sexual misconduct centring around contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, but production resumed after an investigation, and both went on to appear in episodes of the show, in footage leading up to the incident in question.



Source: Decider
Image: ABC / The Bachelor