We’re all frothing over all-Aussie Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins as The Bachelor 2018 – but that doesn’t mean the ladies the producers selected as his one-and-only’s were as keen bean as viewers.

Apparently, according to NW Magazine, the footy star was not as much of a hit with the ladies as they would have liked. Such a non-hit, in fact, that they allegedly had to beg some girls to stick around as opposed to walking out during the first episode.

‘They told the girls not to make any rash decisions – to give him a go, and decide after getting to know him properly,’ a source told the publication.

The spiciest bit? Apparently for some of the women, producers had to beg them via the promise that sticking around would see them ‘considered for a spot on Bachelor In Paradise.’ FKN YIKES MATES.

TONIGHT ???? #TheBachelorAU

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None of this makes sense to me, Mrs. Nick Cummins 2020, but I guess you can’t account for taste can you.

‘Nick’s not your typical Bachelor – he has a curly mullet, a slug on his top lip and a very distinct ocker accent,’ a source told the publication. ‘But that’s the beauty of him!’

Translation: VERY nervous #TheBachelorAU

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UH, YEAH THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF HIM. Who doesn’t want a salmon-steak-bbqing bloke who says things like “going off like a frog in a sock” like he’s permanently in a 1985 VB ad.

Source: NW Magazine
Image: Network Ten