Hey, nice surprise. Avengers: Infinity War is now coming out slightly earlier than it was before. Hooray!

Today, Marvel Studios announced that the global release date of the film has been moved to April 27th, a week earlier than the previously announced May 4th release. The announcement came via a conversation between Marvel and Robert Downey Jr on Twitter, which ws a fun way to do it.

Read it below:

It’s not clear exactly why they moved it forward, but it’s no doubt related to the fact there are a number of big genre releases dropping at around the same time. Deadpool 2 lands on May 18th, and Solo: A Star Wars Story comes a week after that. Bringing Infinity War forward is probably just a shrewd move to capture as many box office bucks as they can before other blockbusters hit the screens.

Anyway: it’s good for all of us! We’ll be back in Wakanda before we even bloody know it.