I absolutely froth Janine Allis and I absolutely froth Boost! Can’t get enough of it! But my Lord was I sick of the whole Godmother shit on Survivor. I thought Janine was going to win the whole thing. I wasn’t delighted about it but I accepted it which is why I was SHOOKETH when the crew pulled off the “godkiller” blindside. And just like that, Janine was sent packing after 46 days in the game.

It happened, it actually happened.

And look while a lot of people took to Twitter to celebrate the end of The Godmother’s reign, others also praised the woman for being such a bloody boss.

But also, lots of shock and giggles.

Well, does she? I think she might.

And now we cross to three very good tweets.

Once in the Jury Villa Janine, bless her, made custom smoothies for everyone called Immunity Boost. See it for yourself in The Jury Villa: Episode 6 right here.

Speaking to 10daily, Janine explained what she would have done if she made it to the final two, which was often a topic of discussion on the socials.

“First and foremost, I was telling everyone that would listen that I was the perfect person to go to the final two because no one would give me the money,” she explained.

“My speech was going to be that, clearly, I want to take emotion out of it and take the $500,000 off the table and say that I was going to give it to charity, which I would have.

“And that everyone on the jury could have nominated a charity that I would have given the money to,” she said.

She added that a “large portion” would have been donated to Luke‘s CreepinCo store on Etsy.

Australian Survivor continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 10.

Image: Channel 10