It’s going to be a long, dark wait between local seasons of the Bachelor franchise friends, with a whole five (5) days of waiting between last night’s ‘The Bachelor finale and the premiere of ‘The Bachelorette‘. Shit’s rough, I know.

So to tide you over in this lengthy interim we’ve got some pretty dang exciting news for Bachie fans with reports from the States that an upcoming new show will bring together past contestants from multiple international versions of ‘The Bachelor‘ for something called ‘The Bachelor: Winter Games’ and yep, there’ll hundo percent be some Aussies.

ABC America is the home of all the US Bachelor versions, which include the standard male/female looking for love versions, as well as ‘Bachelor Pad‘ and ‘Bachelor In Paradise‘, and have now announced this globe-spanning newy, set to air alongside next February’s Winter Olympics. 

The premise is suitably bonkers considering it’s from the people who repeatedly make 20 individuals date one guy/girl at once, with former contestants from the US, Australia, Canada, The UK and Japan editions competing in winter-related sport challenges and, wait for it… “the toughest sport of all: love”.

Fkn vom.

The participants are yet to be announced but that hasn’t stopped us casting it in our heads. Imagine Heather Maltman shooting down a bobsled track and into the arms of some buff af Canadian hottie, or even David Witko copping a snowball to the face and complaining about someone damaging his “money-maker”.

Yep, sign us the fuck up, we’re in.

Also forget that US host Chris whatshisname. We got your ‘Bachelor: Winter Games‘ host right here:

Working on my form for the 2017 DJ's Winter Catalogue with @matthewdavidjohnson

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Mmmmm, Snow Oshy.

We’ll let you know when any further news drops on this most exciting of developments, and catch yas all next week for Sophie Monk’s glorious Bachie debut.

Source: Refinery29
Image: The Bachelor / Channel Ten