For 48 hours, fans of the aggressively popular series Brooklyn Nine-Nine were strapped to one hell of an emotional roller coaster after learning some delusional dickhead at Fox had decided to axe the series. Hour after hour, new updates would emerge seemingly throwing us a lifeboat – Netflix and Hulu were both rumoured to save the series but neither did. Then, when all hope was lost, NBC struck a deal and became The Ultimate Network/Genius of 2018.

NBC originally aired Nine-Nine on their network before selling it to Fox – a move chairman Robert Greenblatt had always regretted saying, “it’s high time [B99] came back to its rightful home.” 

One month on and show front-runner Andy Samberg has also said the show’s return to NBC “feels like home”. 

Samberg had been at Brooklyn Nine-Nine’For Your Consideration event – a panel discussion – on Thursday night when he spoke to Variety news about the show’s return to NBC. 

The 39-year-old who spent a solid chunk of his life on NBC’s Saturday Night Live told Variety he would have been happy almost anywhere else but with all his experience on NBC – well, it made things super special.

“If it had been somewhere else it would’ve been even more surreal because we wouldn’t have known anyone and it would’ve been just kind of thrown into this new thing.”

Absolute human sunflower Terry Crews also shared his excitement with Variety: 

“I go to Rockefeller Centre now and I’m a part of that legacy. It feels so like this is gigantic. NBC is just bigger and I think it’s one of those things where our show can really grow like it’s supposed to.”

No shade at all.

With season five done and dusted and not the final season of the series, it’s time to cheerfully look toward the future for season six. The new season will return to NBC with thirteen episodes and will most likely hit screens in 2019.

Source: Variety
Image: Brooklyn Nine-Nine