A side-by-side comparison of the Amazons in Wonder Woman vs those in Justice League is raising eyebrows for a few, ~subtle~ differences in their battle armour.

In Wonder Woman, the Amazons are prepped for battle like you’d imagine a tribe of warrior women to be. In Justice League, they look like someone’s really elaborate Halloween 2017 costume.

This isn’t armour; it’s skimpy armour bikinis, and absolutely no one is impressed.

The costumes for Wonder Woman were designed by Lindy Hemming, and although she’s not the costume designer for Justice League, you’d think that as these two films exist within the same DC universe, they’d be pretty much the same, right? Right?

Ahhhhhh oh, my sweet, summer child. No. In Justice League, the Amazons must leave their six packs unprotected to the enemy. All the better to appreciate the muscle tone, my dear…. before slicing through it like butter.

amazons justice league“They completely lack the unique flavour of the GrecoRoman-inspired armour ensembles that Lindy Hemming put so much thought and historical research into creating for Wonder Woman,” wrote The Golden Lasso, which first reported the story.

Fans have been to figure out why Zack Snyder‘s Justice League is moving a few ginormous steps backwards from Patty JenkinsWonder Woman.

amazons wonder woman

The main theory going is that these outfits might be from thousands of years ago, as although the plot details for Justice League are thin on the ground we do know that parts of it are set in the past.

Other theories posit that perhaps these are a different tribe of Amazons, or even that it shows a time when the Amazons were enslaved, although neither of these theories sits with the (again, thinly-detailed) plot of the film.

This thing comes out on Friday, so we’ll know more then, but it still boggles the mind that any so-called warrior tribe would develop armour that leaves the vital organs exposed.

It’s not like the men do:

amazons justice league

People are calling these a massive step back from the feminist themes of Wonder Woman.

Anyway, by this Friday, we’ll either be incredibly disappointed in the state of gender equality in 2017, or….