Last month, a high school in New Jersey ran a play based on the classic Alien film which went so viral, Sigourney Weaver turned up to surprise the cast. Recently, a video of the entire play popped up on YouTube.

The video, which was clearly filmed by a member of the audience, even has Weaver’s congratulatory speech at the end, which is a nice touch. You can see the clip below, but there’s no telling how long it’ll be up for, so if you wanna watch it, I’d do it as soon as you can. I’m sure your boss will understand.

The students from North Bergen High raised the production costs for the play on their own and even made their own costumes from recycled materials. After hearing about it, director, Ridley Scott, donated $5,000 for an encore performance, which absolutely whips ass.

I haven’t seen the entire thing yet but even just skimming through the performance is great. The attention to detail is amazing and seeing things like the facehugger and chest-burster scenes acted out is just so goddamn entertaining.

The official Alien Twitter account even posted a video of Weaver with the play’s cast.

Hell yeah, that’s some feel-good vibes right there.

Source: The Verge
Image: YouTube / ButtonSmasher