The long-awaited and very keenly anticipated Adam Goodes documentary The Australian Dream will have its official world premiere at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival, where it will serve as the festival’s centrepiece opening gala screening.

The Australian Dream is one of two documentaries to be released this year centring on Goodes and the shocking, racially-charged treatment he received from media commentators, AFL officials, and braying footy fans towards the end of his illustrious footballing career. However The Australian Dream is the only one of the two that has Goodes’ direct involvement and participation.

Written by acclaimed journalist Stan Grant, the film will premiere at The Plenary on Thursday, August 1st, marking the start of the 2019 Melbourne Film Festival.

In a short statement, Grant said he was excited to share the work with Australians, and asserted the film is a story of hope, above all else.

We’re thrilled that The Australian Dream will have its World Premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival and to share this first look with Australians. This is the story of Adam Goodes and a moment when Australia faced the worst in itself. But it is more than that — it is the story of a country and its history. A story of pain but, above all, hope.

Per the official synopsis, The Australian Dream chronicles Goodes’ life from his early days growing up through his historic and storied AFL career and beyond, but its “triumph lies in its potency as a searing document that exposes the nation’s uneasy relationship with First Nations people while celebrating the greatness of a true Australian champion.

The film features extended interviews with Goodes himself, as well as comments and input from the likes of Nova PerisMichael O’LoughlinNicky WinmarGilbert McAdam, and Linda Burney, as well as what will likely prove “controversial” input from Eddie McGuire and Andrew Bolt.

Ticketing information for the 2019 MIFF Opening Gala can be found via the Film Festival website.

Image: Supplied