The brand new trailer for upcoming Netflix film 6 Balloons has arrived, showing Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco making their dramatic debuts as siblings dealing with the horrific weight of heroin addiction and withdrawals.

Read: no, there probably aren’t going to be many laughs here.

Inspired by producer Samantha Housman’s real-life experience of caring for her heroin-addicted brother, 6 Balloons follows Katie, the relapsing Seth, and his daughter, Ella, across a torturous night in Los Angeles. 

At the film’s SXSW premiere, director Marja-Lewis Ryan said it was a simple choice for her to cast those two in more serious roles.

“Abbi feels more like Steve Carell to me. She’s got a fire in her,” Ryan said.

“Even though she’s making these choices, I still feel taken care of by her. She feels like a normal person.”

You’ll be able to watch that normal person in crushing circumstances when the film premieres on April 6.

Source: Daily Dot
Image: Netflix / YouTube