Prime Minister Scott Morrison has shared photos of his Good Friday visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and they will make you gasp, scream, cry because while in extremely close proximity to very, very sick kids he was not wearing a mask.

In several pictures the man can be seen high-fiving, playing with and breathing his breath all over these kids while literally accompanied by a staff member who was in fact wearing an N95 mask — as required under state law in Victoria.

“Great to visit the Royal Children’s Hospital Kids Day Out Good Friday Appeal this afternoon in Melbourne,” Morrison posted on social media.

“Our Government is giving $2 million to the appeal to help fund new research, equipment and care programs for sick kids.”

If he cared about sick kids he would follow the rules to keep them safe. He would have presumably seen all the signs saying MASKS REQUIRED.

The RCH requires all visitors above the age of 8 to wear surgical or N95 masks onsite except when in private, inpatient rooms. But even in a private room or with the consent of the family, is it not just human fucking decency to wear a mask? Like what reason could he have for not wearing one other than to show his face in photos?

This election campaign is so cooked.

He’s known for more than two years sick or immunocompromised people have always been at greater risk of catching COVID and developing a severe illness, so perhaps he just doesn’t think the health advice applies to him.

Our fav TikTok Doc @Dr_Michael_Says called Morrison out in a video and said he clearly cared more about the photoshoot than the welfare of the children.

@dr_michael_says Bad move! 👎 #australia #covid #children #melbourne #hospital #scottmorrison ♬ original sound – Doctor Michael

Meanwhile COVID-19 case numbers have been steadily growing since the end of February nationwide, particularly in Sydney (where Morrison lives) and Melbourne.

Seriously the pics would make anyone’s skin crawl, though apparently not The Oz’s journos’.

scortt morrison not wearing mask children hospital
Scott Morrison, no mask. Image source: The Australian.

How would you feel if an unmasked stranger was this close to your loved one who was sick in hospital?

Think about that when you go to the polls next month.

Image: Facebook / Scott Morrison