The ABC’s election expert Antony Green has given us a sneaky insight into when we could be getting a result in this year’s Federal Election. Fetch your paper bags lest you start hyperventilating like me.

He’s said we’ll most likely know which party has formed a government by 7.30pm. Alternatively, we’ll know whether or not we’ll find out the election result tonight.

Which I think we can all agree would be far less exciting. I need it to end Antony! I can’t hear the ‘Hole In Your Bucket’ Liberal Party ad any more!

Antony Green told The Guardian he “always [says] that by 7.30pm you will know the result or you’ll know you have to wait”.

He also said this year’s election might be slightly more difficult to call in technical terms ‘cos of the teal independents.

“We don’t have historical preference counts as a comparison,” he explained. Thanks guys.

According to Green, his one Big Fear is data not arriving on time or alternatively “something going wrong with our computer”. Same, king. You wouldn’t want the rainbow wheel of death when you’re trying to load all those bloody election numbers.

ICYMI, Green actually also had a sweet polling place snack dedicated to him. One polling place had some aptly named Anthony Green Jelly for an absolute steal of $2.

Obviously the perfect snack for you while you watch the ABC’s election coverage — and follow along with PEDESTRIAN.TV’s very own live blog, of course.

Image: Twitter / @AntonyGreenElec