Zoe Kravitz Is Set To Star In A Gender-Flipped TV Reboot Of ‘High Fidelity’

In news that’s coming virtually out of nowhere, Disney‘s much-vaunted new streaming service is set to greenlight a gender-flipped TV reboot of High Fidelity, the hugely beloved Nick Hornby novel that became a similarly beloved 2000 movie starring John Cusack. Not only that, but Zoe Kravitz has already been tapped to star.

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The as-yet-untitled streaming service has given a 10-episode order to the series, which is reportedly inspired largely by the original novel as opposed to the movie – though that said, the movie stuck incredibly close to the book in almost all aspects bar setting.

Kravitz is set to fill the lead role in the series as the owner of a record store obsessed with pop culture and compiling Top 5 lists. Presumably, if the series follows similar character arcs to the original source material, Kravitz’s character will be sent on a introspective journey of self-discovery through her past failed relationships which, as a gender-flipped project, will be interesting to see how it’s handled and it how it avoids turning a mopey miserable bloke character into a stereotypical lovesick woman.

Regardless, Kravitz – who is also executive producing the series – has familial connections to the story; her Mum, Lisa Bonet, starred in the 2000 High Fidelity as singer Marie De Salle, who briefly entagles with John Cusack’s Rob Gordon.

The series is being created and produced by the team of Veronica West and Sara Kucserka, who previously served on shows like Ugly BettyHeart of DixieMercy, and Brothers & Sisters.

The Disney streaming service isn’t expected to launch until 2019, so don’t expect to see the series anytime soon.

But when it does, there might be a new number one on your all-time top five list.