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After Zendaya took out the Emmy Award for Lead Actress in a Drama, simultaneously making history as the youngest woman to do so and beating out the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Olivial Colman, a lot of confusion arose on social media when it was dubbed an “upset win”.

Strap in, this one took me a moment to wrap my head around.

So after 24-year-old Zendaya took out the big win for her work in Euphoria, the New York Post pinned it as an ‘upset win’, in that she had come through as an underdog to take home the chocolates.

She fucking beat Jen Aniston – who has been in the TV acting game for literally longer than Zendaya has been alive – to take out the win, so yes, by all means, it’s an upset.

But you see, a bunch of people misinterpreted “upset win” to mean that it was an upsetting win for Zendaya. Which then caused a lot of confusion online when people showed their whole ass by tweeting about how Zendaya wasn’t upset with her win at all.

It turns out that a lot of people didn’t understand the intention behind the term ‘upset win’, especially considering Zendaya’s odds to win from the bookies were pretty bloody low.

The New York Post, in possibly the biggest shade thrown in this the year of rest, came back with another story, setting the record straight on what they meant when they said ‘upset win’.

Hachie machie, can someone tell the Post to chill out? We’re not all as smort as you.

At least at the end of the day, we all learned something. And itt’s that the English language is completely ridiculous and contradictory and utterly stupid at the very best of times.

And we’ve also learned to not go off without doing some research first, ‘lest you look like a whole bare ass.

Ah, bless. You can’t blame anyone for being a bit blindly passionate about their fave.

Image: Getty Images / ABC