Zendaya’s Mum Cryptically Weighed In On The Spicy Tom Holland Engagement Rumours On Her Insta

zendaya tom holland engagement rumours mum reaction

Zendaya‘s mum Claire Stoermer has seemingly responded to the swirling rumours her daughter is engaged to Tom Holland on her Instagram this week.

She shared a screenshot of the definition of “clickbait” to her Insta story on Thursday which highlighted a section that read “the practice of writing sensationalized or misleading headlines in order to attract clicks on a piece of content”.

zendaya mum engagement rumours reaction
What’s this about, mum? [Image: Instagram / @claire_maree64]
The rumour mill kicked up about Zendaya and Holland possibly being engaged after gossip Twitter Pop Hive reported it — with zero evidence to support it — on November 30. A US Weekly interview with an insider source in November also claimed the couple is in “settling-down mode” and is “planning a future together”.

Stoermer didn’t explicitly specify that she was referring to all the whispers about Zendaya and Holland with her post about clickbait — she actually didn’t give any context to the post at all — but everyone seems to be reading between the lines and joining the dots.

Or perhaps she’s simply messing with the gossip press, baiting them all to write more clickbait about the whole situation. Damn, that’s some real 4D chess energy there, mum.

It’s important to note that neither Zendaya nor Holland has responded to the rumours that someone’s popped the question. They’re a notoriously private couple (and Holland previously dismissed rumours they bought a London home together) so all fans are left with is over-examining cryptic social media posts from family members to try and get a skerrick of information.

Clickbait or not, the rumours are bloody spicy so we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for any more hints or clues about what’s going on between the cute couple. If anything it’s great gear to feverishly gossip about with the group chat over a wine or three on a Friday afternoon.