Zedd Says That He’s Been Banned From China For Liking A ‘South Park’ Tweet


DJ and producer Zedd, who had a hit with ‘Clarity‘ several years back, says that he has been “permanently banned from China” because of his activity on social media.

The Russian-born musician, otherwise known as Anton Zaslavski, recently liked a Tweet celebrating the 300th episode of the Comedy Central series South Park

South Park itself drew the ire of Chinese authorities after its 299th episode, entitled ‘Band In China‘, made fun of the country’s strict media censorship laws.

While the Tweet that Zedd liked did not appear to relate to this episode, his publicist Adam Guest confirmed to CNBC that reports of the ban are “true”.

In a comment on his own Instagram post, the DJ wrote:

“Just to clarify, this is NOT a joke. The government informed our promoters that if they don’t cancel my scheduled shows in China they would pull their cultural permits.”

Zedd worked with Ariana Grande on her hit ‘Break Free‘, and has also collaborated with the likes of Liam Payne and Katy Perry, on the recent single ‘365‘.

He and Selena Gomez had a hit with ‘I Want You To Know‘, and the pair also dated for a short time, but he later said the media frenzy surrounding her was too difficult to handle.