Zapruder Tackles Television In The “The Joy Of Sets”

Once upon a time (before the time Oz shived changed everything in ’97) watching television was a pastime associated with the vapid, the vacuous and the vegetated. Nowadays Harvard students are learning why if you come at the king, you best not miss, film practitioners are fleeing to the small screen (writers especially) and Salman Rushdie now believes television is comparable to literature. We’re in the golden age basically, but how did we get here?

Enter Zapruder. Fresh from announcing PR-focused Gruen Transfer spinoff, Gruen Planet, Zapruder’s Other Films have unveiled their latest televisual baby, The Joys Of Sets, a television show about television written, hosted and conceived by former Get This radio team Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee.

Details are scant at the moment but Zapruder describes the shows as “an affectionate and funny journey through the world of television.” in which “each episode will deal with a different part of the television universe.” We’re thinking reality TV one week, soapies the next and dramas the week after.

If you live in Sydney, producers are currently seeking bodies to fill up the studio audience. More details here.

The Joy Of Sets premieres later this year on channel Nine.