We Just Copped The Most Fkn Wack DM About Zac & Vanessa’s Relationship & IDK What To Believe

There I was on a Friday arvo after writing next week’s horoscopes, sipping on a cup of soup and nursing a mild hangover, when I copped a DM from a reader, telling me to suss out the comment on an old post by Vanessa Valladares, the now-ex girlfriend of Zac Efron.

The post is a piccy of Vanessa at Behill, New South Wales, taken in December 2017, with the following caption: “Amongst the hills that roll through the villages, a fairytale place. The Village of Bexhill.”


But it’s not the post itself that’s suss, it’s the comment below it. A woman by the name of Debra Kelly wrote under the piccy, “Take care god bless you and Zac xx”

The comment was made 162 weeks ago, which translates to over three years ago, but hold on a fucking minute, I thought Vanessa only started dating Zac Efron in July of last year? That’s what’s been widely reported, anyway.

Zac Efron only touched down in Australia last year, so how could he possibly have been linked to Vanessa 162 weeks ago? This puts a ‘yuge, gaping hole in the entire timeline and the fantasy that Zac met Vanessa while she was waitressing and asked her out.

Who Magazine previously reported that Zac and Vanessa were set up by her manager at the Byron Bay cafe where they met, The General Store.

Apparently Vanessa was working at the popular café as well as the Light Years restaurant when she met the Hollywood star back in July last year and her boss seemingly played matchmaker.

“They were introduced by her boss,” a source told the local mag, adding that she’s a “lucky girl.”

This didn’t just come from the one source, another insider told PEOPLE that the pair “started hanging out in July and recently took a ski trip together.”

I’m legit fucking stunned, guys. Have they been secretly dating for years, then planted a fake story about meeting last year to sell us on their Byron Bay fantasy love story? Why would they do that? They wouldn’t, TBH. There’s something else at play here and I shall not rest until I find answers. I can assure you of that.

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