Zac Efron has been spotted in Bondi and yes, you’re welcome.

In ex-Bachie contestant Laura Byrne‘s podcast Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley, she revealed that she spotted the star at a little restaurant on Bondi Road.

“Do you know who I saw in Bondi?” Laura asked Brittany.

“If you say, Zac Efron,” Brittany replied.

“Yes, Zac fucking Efron,” said Laura.

If you’re wondering ‘where the proof is?’ Laura was almost 100% convinced it was Zac Efron because of one small detail.

“He was sitting with another guy and he was facing the window. I walked past and then I obviously had that moment that was like holy shit,” she said.

“And then he stands up and swaps seats with the guy he’s sitting with so that his back is now facing the window.”

I’m no detective, but if someone deliberately moves seats to avoid being seen, then they definitely have something to hide. In Zac’s case, it’s his gorgeous face.

Those who have been following Zac Efron’s journey down under, know he has been living in Byron Bay on a lil’ staycation.

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He’s also been shacked up with his model/waitress girlfriend Vanessa Valladares, who he met at Byron Bay General Store, an iconic cafe where Valladares works.

Even more juicy, a couple of months ago Zaddy Zac cancelled his flight back to the US, and extended his Aussie visa for another three to 12 months. The reason was allegedly to stay with his new girlfriend, but maybe he just wants to see more of Aus (specifically Bondi).

“It was 100% Zac Efron, he’s in Bondi, all you single ladies get down here,” Laura said in the podcast.

Well, you heard her ladies, get to Bondi ASAP and look for Zac Efron. If a waitress from Byron Bay can steal his heart, then maybe a babe from Sydney, who’s watched High School Musical over 50 times and has Efron’s face tattooed on their body could too.

Image: Getty Images / James D. Morgan