Did Zac Efron Really Attempt To Pick Up A Woman At Nowra Macca’s? An Important Investigation

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Whispers around Zac Efron possibly finding love in another Australian eatery have swirled so much in the last few days that they’ve gone international. Rumour has it — and I say that extremely loosely in this case — that Mr Efron attempted to pick up a staff member at a NSW south coast Macca’s, so let’s investigate it.

The rumour hit gossip mongers Deuxmoi on Friday afternoon after someone alerted them to an Australian podcast that discussed the yet-to-be-confirmed whispers. The interesting thing is that the podcast in question is one hosted by comedians Benjamin “Frenchy” French and Tom Armstrong — known as The Tom And Frenchy Show.

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Yeah… seems heaps legit. [Image: Instagram / @deuxmoi]
“Did you hear who he’s dating now?” Tom asked Frenchy in the podcast episode.

“Yo, I did hear this,” Frenchy exclaimed.

“It’s a girl from, um, Nowra McDonald’s! How fuckin’ random’s that?

“So he was going down the coast — driving, I think he was driving to Ulladulla or something — stops in at Nowra Macca’s drive-thru, girl behind there’s beautiful as most of ’em are in Nowra and then they just clicked.

“He’s like ‘can I have like 20 McNuggets and your number?’ He only eats McNuggets randomly.”

Look, this is pretty clearly one bloke setting up the joke for the other to take a big swing at it to try and start a rumour out of nothing just to see how far it goes.

Despite that, I am also from the south coast of NSW and have frequented Nowra Macca’s a lot so I simply must investigate just how legitimate this could be.

Let’s take a look at the evidence before us — what do we know about Zac Efron and his history with visiting Australia?

  1. He’s in the country at the moment and is filming a movie with John Cena.
  2. He has previously dated a woman he met at a café in Byron Bay.
  3. He has visited Ulladulla before (or so the red-hot rumours at my high school in Ulladulla said in 2008).

And what do we know about Nowra Macca’s?

  1. There are multiple McDonald’s stores in Nowra on the way to Ulladulla.
  2. The only decent one to stop in at is South Nowra Macca’s.
  3. There’s also across the road from Stockland (Nowra Fair to the real ones) but nobody in their right mind would stop there on a road trip. Also, it’s on the wrong side of the road if you’re headed south.

So theoretically, if he was travelling from Sydney to Ulladulla for another visit, it’s possible he could have dropped into the Macca’s on the highway at South Nowra. (Seriously I cannot stress how much nobody stops at that one opposite Nowra Fair and how annoying it is to try and stop at the Bomaderry one while headed south).

[Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story claimed that McDonald’s was in Nowra Stocklands but my friend Rachel informed me it is in fact across the road. Truly so unforgettable that my brain simply couldn’t remember its actual location. I still haven’t been there.]

But would he potentially try and pick up someone working in the drive-thru mid-shift? Look, I’m gonna say no considering Nowra Macca’s is largely staffed by stressed-out 15-year-olds who barely know how to put together a burger — again, speaking from experience here.

So let’s take this rumour that Zac Efron gave his number to a woman working at Nowra Macca’s with a simply huge grain of salt and chuck it in the “Bit Of A Gee-Up” basket. Well done to those comedians on getting yourselves (and Nowra) onto the biggest celeb gossip oracle online, though.

But Zac, if you’re actually headed down to Ulladulla, please say hi to my parents for me.