Zac Efron Nearly Got Cleaned Up By A Bus When Bike-Riding With Hugh Jackman

Zac Efron is currently starring in the musical The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman, and while that sounds like a lovely time for all concerned, the Baywatch star recently revealed that he had a hectic near-death experience with the Aussie actor when out on a bike ride.

Efron spoke about the incident in an upcoming episode of Graham Nortonwhich is set to air on New Year’s Eve in the UK. Apparently, it occurred when the two were out for an early-morning training session in London. He explained:

I cycled with him in London but I’m not one to ride a bike early in the morning in traffic so it turned out to be quite dangerous … I followed Hugh around a few cars and suddenly there was a double decker bus right in front of me. ‘I slammed on the brakes, went under the front tyre and narrowly missed death. Hugh was on the other side of the road and stuck up his thumb and just said, ‘You good? Let’s go.’

That definitely sounds like a very ‘Strayan response to that fairly hectic situation, and I guess we’re glad that the above headline doesn’t read Hugh Jackman Kills Former Teen Heartthob In Tragic London Biking Accident. 

During his appearance on the show, Zac Efron also told a bizarre story about the time he spoke to the late Michael Jackson on the phone, and the pair just sort of cried uncontrollably at one-another for a while.

The BBC has made a video of that available, so please go ahead and enjoy it, I guess: