Zac Efron Has Only Been In Adelaide For A Short Amount Of Time And Already Has A Mullet

Zac Efron has only been in Australia for a short time, but he has already succumbed to the trendy mullet haircut.

Efron went to Atta Boy Hair in Adelaide for his bogan-chic haircut, and even gave the owner Robby Lippett a bit of a trim too. Honestly, I have no idea how they managed to rope Efron into getting a mullet, but it looks really, really, really good.

Zac Efron could literally be any dude in Brunswick and I wouldn’t be able to tell now. He’s so immersed in Australian culture, it’s like he was here all along.

There is literally no way we can give this man back to the yanks now. He is one of us. One of us.

Efron is currently living in South Australia for new Aussie flick Gold. The thriller is about hunger, greed, and the lengths people will go to for money.

Here’s a lil’ summary for ya:

When two drifters travelling through the outback stumble across the biggest gold nugget ever found, the dream of immense wealth and greed takes hold. They hatch a plan to protect and excavate their bounty with one man leaving to secure the necessary equipment. The other man remains and must endure the harsh desert climate, preying wolves and intruders, whilst battling the creeping doubt that he has been abandoned to his own fate.

Being in South Australia has also meant he’s been away from Byron Bay boo Vanessa Valladares. But despite rumours that said they had split up due to the distance, they are still very much together.

The source told The Sun that: “Zac’s work and the enforced distance has really taken its toll.” However, shortly after those rumours took off,  E! News reported that the couple were spotted together in Adelaide.

So it looks like Efron will be staying in Aus for a while, especially if his GF is here.