Zac Efron Was Spotted In Adelaide Having A Cheeky Bev Not Far From The Cursed Pigeon Statue

Honorary Aussie Zac Efron (no relation, unfortunately) has been papped Adelaide, crossing yet another Aussie locale off his list.

The man was spotted by a uni student at the Cry Baby bar having a cheeky bev on Wednesday. That’s pure king shit.

“He was so, so lovely, and talked to me twice, definitely lives up to his Troy Bolton heartthrob self,” the student told Glam Adelaide.

It’s unclear what his thoughts are on the pigeon statue, and we’re still not sure whether or not he’s had a chance to grope the Mall’s Balls.

But regardless, he seems to be living his best life with his cheeky weekday bevs.

At first, the student says she didn’t even notice Efron until the bartender told her who he was.

“She just looked at me with teary eyes and said, no, they called ahead today, that’s really him,” she told The Advertiser.

“Then I had a proper look at his face and silently freaked out.

“Later he walked past us and so I took my chance and said hello […] and he said, ‘Hey how are you? What’s your name? How’s your night going?’”

Another person at the bar (what kind of bar is this busy on a Wednesday?!) told the newspaper that Efron was there for roughly two hours and, in between saying “hi” to a couple of starstruck fans, he managed to keep a pretty low profile.

Efron landed in Adelaide last Friday now that the Stan Original Aussie flick Gold has started filming in South Australia.

The movie is about two outback drifters who come across the biggest gold nugget in the world, which may well explain all this facial hair we’re seeing on Zaccyboy.

Anyway, this is the latest in a long line of Zac Efron sightings this year.

Back in July he was spotted in Byron Bay and even met now now-girlfriend there.

Months later he found his way down to Sydney and even threw a big birthday bash in back in Byron.

It’s nice to see the man seeing more of this country than even most Aussies.

Hopefully he’ll fall in love (with more than just his GF) and remain ours forever.