Yung Gravy, Who’s Incapable Of Hanging Out With Ppl His Own Age, Is Now Mates With Mason Ramsey

Mason Ramsey in a black suit and Yung Gravy in a black suit with black and gold collared shirt

Dogshit rapper and noted MILF stan Yung Gravy and wee Walmart yodel boy Mason Ramsey are now mates. Yes, I have thoughts about the friendship between two people born in 1996 and 2006.

Their friendship appears to have started on TikTok, as all good camaraderies do, after a fan left a comment on one of Ramsey’s vids.

Before we jump into the comment, methinks a bit of context about the TikTok is required.

In the vid, Ramsey was doing a meet and greet at the CMA Fest — that’s the Country Music Association for all you city slickers — in June and signing photos of himself.

The text on the Tok read: “Guess who came to my meet and greet… Your grandma 😍” and next thing we know, Ramsey was posing with loads of adorable grandmothers. If I were a grandma, I feel like I’d also be a country music stan, so it all checks out.


whose grandma? #cmafest

♬ Twang – Mason Ramsey

The special shoutout to the older ladies prompted someone to fang a comment on the vid which read: “He’s the gen z yung gravy”. It’s not exactly clear whether this marked the beginning of Mason Ramsey and Yung Gravy’s cursed friendship, but it seems like it.

Let the record show that several people replied to this comment saying Yung Gravy is, in actual fact, the Gen Z Yung Gravy. But this is neither here nor there, and I shall not be engaging in such a debate.

About two months later, Ramsey replied to the comment in a TikTok which showed him walking through a restaurant in a fit which would have Adam Sandler shaking.

The text on the vid read: “Yung Gravy, I’m coming for your throne 👑” which is a ballsy claim. Please don’t say that, Mason Ramsey.


Replying to @Ashley Danielle they call me yung country gravy @yunggravy

♬ Betty (Get Money) – Yung Gravy

Sir Gravy then stitched the vid.

“Alright buster,” Yung Gravy said. An appropriate greeting, in my humble opinion.

“Option one: your mother and I, we can make you a little throne, you know, out of sassafras boxes. Down south, same Walmart where you came up, same aisle and all.

“Option two: if you want to start balling with the founding fathers I could take you under my wing, we could start flexing on these moms. I might have to look up your age but you already know what it is, baby, let’s yodel on these hoes.”


#stitch with @Mason Ramsey choose your fate, mason slamsey or mason scamsey

♬ Betty (Get Money) – Yung Gravy

“Let’s yodel on these hoes” is a sentence I passionately despise. It sounds like a remake of The Sound of Music set to SoundCloud rap. Also, leave Ramsey’s mother alone! Stop involving a literal 15-year-old in your rampant MILFing ways! Hang out with people your own age!

Since Yung Gravy stitched the vid, he and Ramsey have been commenting on each other’s shit. For example, when the wee bloke duetted a vid of a young girl yodelling on a reality competition with the caption “Every yodel king needs a yodel queen 🔥”, and Yung Gravy commented that it was a “match made in heaven”.

It’s giving musically-inclined Padawan and Jedi Master, but cursed.


#duet with @elkawi_dz every yodel king needs a yodel queen 🔥

♬ son original – 🇩🇿آلُِڪآوُي🇵🇸

And now Yung Gravy and Ramsey seem to have taken their online friendship offline, honouring the bamboozling meeting by filming a TikTok together.


Replying to @sabrinalrsn Yung Biscuits and Gravy

♬ Betty (Get Money) – Yung Gravy

I honestly don’t even want to think about what 26-year-old Yung Gravy and 15-year-old yodelling Mason Ramsey talk about behind closed doors. It’s simply just not a situation I’d want to be a fly on the wall in.

I’m not suggesting anything super gross is going on and it’s most likely some meme friendship ‘cos they both seem to be egging each other on. But it’s still kinda weird for someone who’s a few years shy of turning 30 to hang out with a Year 10 student and joke about flexing on mothers, is it not?