You’re All Invited To The World’s First Garlic Bread Appreciation Conference

All praise be to Garlic Bread. Deliverer from evil. Basis for most great meals. Sole component of many more.

The delicious, warm, soft, bready wonder has been often enters your lives from a young age. But it’s not until your more formative youthful years – those immediately following moving out of home for the first time – that the dish’s true significance takes hold.
It is the meal of the gods on the budget of a pauper.
A golden brown treat birthed unto us all from the heavens above.
The essence of love, expressed through food.
It is goddamned garlic bread, y’all. And it is forever.
And, thanks to one legend by the name of Baxter Kirk, it’s brilliance has been allocated a day to be celebrated.
A Facebook event has amassed some 47,000-odd attendees, all lining up to be a part of the inaugural Garlic Bread Appreciation Conference.
The event description is as simple and straight-to-the-point as the dish itself: “A conference to discuss the underrated garlic bread.”

Apparently going down at the MCG at the oddly specific time of 3:07am on Friday, January 15th 2016, the event seems likely to encompass the consumption, discussion, and appreciation of garlic bread.
Definitely a thing we can all get behind.
And, hey. In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that people will rock up to the MCG in the dead of the night and find themselves unable to get in (seriously, cannot think of a single few hundred reasons why that would ever happen) maybe that is as good a day as any to kick back with a freshly baked loaf, and bask in its marvel.
Happy Garlic Bread Day, y’all!