Your New Favourite Jeans Come Pre-Shredded by Japanese Zoo Animals

Japan consistently punches way above its weight when it comes to awesome, one-of-a-kind shit, and they’ve just done it again, creating your new favourite item of clothing. Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present: Zoo Jeans


Zoo Jeans are created by a group called The Mienko Club, a volunteer organisation dedicated to revitalising the Makine Zoo in the Japanese city of Hitachi. Rather than selling your traditional animal-themed merchandise – plush toys, t-shirts and the like – they decided to go a step further, and have the animals create the goods themselves.
Well, okay, the animals don’t do all the work, but they shred the denim in unbelievably cute an ever-so-slightly deadly fashion, and then people sew it into clothing form. There are three pairs of custom jeans for sale right now at Yahoo Japan’s auction site, one ripped up by tigers, and two by lions. 
The starting price for the two lion pairs is just north of $520AUD, while there are already a few bids on the tiger pair, currently sitting at a little over $1200AUD. Bringing the ’90s back has never been so delightful or in such a good cause.
via Uproxx