You Will “Shit Yourself” When You See The Avatar Sequels

Let it forever be known that James Cameron is totally down with the kids, what with their Atari games and their hippity hop musics and whatnot.

The man who directed the two highest grossing movies of all time, and who famously doesn’t take particularly kindly to people making jokes about him, is in full streetcorner spruiker mode for the much hyped but yet-to-enter-production sequels to his 2009 megahit, Pocahontas In Space Avatar.
Speaking to Empire, Cameron was prodded about the sequels – not one, not two, but three of them announced previously in an Oprah-like burst (“YOU get a sequel! YOU get a sequel! EVERYBODY GETS AN AVATAR SEQUELLLLLL!”) and remained typically tight-lipped about plot details, as you’d be wont to do for a set of films you hadn’t even begun rolling on yet.
But one little morsel of information he did let slip, summoning all his years as the most tubular of dudes in revealing:
I can tell you one thing about them. They’re gonna be bitchin’.
Several minutes later, when the reporter managed to pick themselves up from the seizures induced by such an overload of cool, Cameron continued.
You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open.
At which point a previously unseen throng of his boys exploded.
The interviewer, being simply unable to continue to even, ceased recording. At which point James Cameron, with a cooly satisfied smirk, lowered a pair of sunglasses from the heavens till they sat astride his own face, lit up a cigarette, popped the collar on his leather jacket and whispered “Deal with it,” for it is he who was the Baddest Dude alive.
The string of endless Avatar sequels are due for release at some point between now and the apocalypse.
Photo: Frazer Harrison via Getty Images.